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Salt And Light: A Call for Relevance in this World through Love

  Jesus calls Believers the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world in Matthew 5. When we ponder about this, we can realise a common effect that salt and light have: The ability to reveal taste and colour in the substances and spaces they permeate. Salt reveals taste in edible substances. Light also provides clarity in a situation or place. Salt is useful when it adds taste just as light is useful when it provides illumination for those who need it. So the focus of God’s administration of salt and light is not to bring attention to themselves, but to bring an awareness to the flavours obscured and unseen elements in this world. So Jesus calls us to preserve our saltiness and avoid putting a lit candle under a basket. He then tells us believers to let (permit, allow) our lights to so shine so men would see our good works and give glory to God.  Our influence of light brings illumination to the God-ordained good works we walk in and the evil works of darkness. Good works exposed bri
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Seen & Heard (A Poetic Expression)

  It is said that humans have a deep desire to be seen & heard Paradoxically, we cover up our nakedness after we became dead So, is vulnerability a weakness or a strength? Because I struggle to live its full length I feel that my experience of betrayal makes it hard to trust  That when I open up to you, your sword will not thrust No matter how trivial, it is a great responsibility to see another bare Because, you never know when you are the last one to really care So, true love does not keep a record of wrong, it covers a multitude of sin God is the only one who truly has the ability to put its memory in a nonrecycle bin To truly love another, we must become like the One who personifies it Until then, we risk the insincerity of selfish love shred another to bits Knoweth the difference between the Pharisees & the few who came to Jesus? Some determined to be sincere about their religious excess Others were skeletons in a closet, Jesus called them whitewashed tombs I'm not sur

It is Okay to Be Human

  In this raw discussion starting at 1:55 in the audio, I teach about why it is okay to be a human being. We do not have a high priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our human infirmity. The Holy Spirit also bears with our weakness, because while we are unable to pray as we ought to, He makes intercession for us according to God's will. God, our Father tells us that just like a Mother's care will not cease towards her offspring, He will not forsake us. Man gets hungry, tired and is often laden with regular and often seemingly insurmountable desires. God in Christ Jesus understands how we feel and we get to learn how he traversed his humanity while on earth. We also learn from some old saints & the witness of scripture. The uncut baseline is "IT IS OKAY TO BE HUMAN!"

Tithing: Mandatory or Voluntary?

    In this discussion with  N. K. Emmanuel  at the  Believers' Avenue , we talk about  Tithing , a topic that has more recently become an item of controversy as many battle the demands of the Old Testament Law against the Liberty of the New Covenant and its implications for the Believer today. Tithing in general was a practiced concept before the inception of the Old Covenant, the Law given by Moses. Thus, the practice isn't limited by the bounds of the Old Covenant Law. However, there's still an opportunity to the New Testament to avail their tithes as the scripture says in Hebrews 7:8, "... but there he receiveth them". Tithing generally as a New Testament practice is not a demand but rather an avenue to give in a special way that is cognisant of the Covenant of Promises we have received. Like many New Testament practices that stem prior to the advent of Christ, Tithing is one of those that God is not frowning upon, & neither has He forced it. God in seekin

"There Shall Be a Performance " - Week of the Altar

  In this sermon, this teaching is culled from the theme scripture, Luke 1:45 which says "And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord". I teach at Tehillah Generation Chapel  during our November, 2023 Week of the Altar Conference about the blessed importance of receiving what God has to say to us in His Word and in His Voice to us.  The scripture as a record of man's experience with God presents a relevant body of text that decrypts the character and mindset of God. With the scripture, we can shape our minds' perspectives to filter out contrary voices to that of the Lord's. God's sheep hear God's voice, and a stranger's voice they won't follow. I share personal testimonies about myself and a bit of my experience with the comforting Voice and Word of God despite a few challenging circumstances.

Aligning with the Will of God - 2 Agendas

  There are two Agendas: 1. The Will of God 2. Rebellion against the Will of God: the will of man outside of God's control is often manipulated by the devil (Matthew 16:23) We must understand the following : 1. Understand what the Will of God is. (Ephesians 5:17) 2. Prove what the Will of God is. (Romans 12:2) 3. Blessings flow in agreement with God's Will and Curses flow in rebellion against God's Will and Design. (Genesis 12:1-3, Isaiah 1:19) To align with God's Will, we must understand the governing design around our Souls (Psyche: Psuche) 1. Renewal of Mind (Ephesians 4:23, Romans 8:6) 2. Steps & Actions Ordered by His Word (Psalm 119:133, Psalm 119:105) 3. Principle of of losing your life (psuche: soul) to find it (John 12:24-26) 4. Principle of (Patience) Enduring Suffering (Luke 21:19) 5. Abstinence from things that trouble your soul (1 Peter 2:11, 2 Peter 2:8): Programmings of lust and visible lasciviousness cause harm to our souls. 6. Spirit-led (Proverbs

Building a Dwelling Place for God

  This is a teaching at an evening midweek service at  Tehillah Generation Chapel . This teaching exposes the dynamics for the Christian believer to host the presence of God in their lives in the life of a congregation. I teach on the Principles of Obedience, offering a sacrifice of Praise, Gathering to His purpose, becoming our God-given identity in order to construct a safe-dwelling for God's abiding presence.