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Salt And Light: A Call for Relevance in this World through Love

  Jesus calls Believers the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world in Matthew 5. When we ponder about this, we can realise a common effect that salt and light have: The ability to reveal taste and colour in the substances and spaces they permeate. Salt reveals taste in edible substances. Light also provides clarity in a situation or place. Salt is useful when it adds taste just as light is useful when it provides illumination for those who need it. So the focus of God’s administration of salt and light is not to bring attention to themselves, but to bring an awareness to the flavours obscured and unseen elements in this world. So Jesus calls us to preserve our saltiness and avoid putting a lit candle under a basket. He then tells us believers to let (permit, allow) our lights to so shine so men would see our good works and give glory to God.  Our influence of light brings illumination to the God-ordained good works we walk in and the evil works of darkness. Good works exposed bri