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5 Dimensions of Our Walk with Christ

1. Believer - The incidence of faith in Christ Jesus, when you've just received eternal Life: John 3:15-16, Romans 10:8-11 - Abraham’s faith was counted as righteousness to him: Genesis 15:6 - Every man is given a measure of faith: Romans 12:3 - To grow in faith & righteousness, you must learn to hear the word & apply it. - The biggest hindrances to faith are Unbelief, doubt & fear: Both can be cured by: - Prayer: Matthew 17:14-21 - Walking in perfect/Complete sincere love: 1 John 2:5; 4:12, 17, 18 - Standing strong & Persevering in the Word & Faith through Meditation 2. Disciple - The moment you let go of yourself & excuses so you can imitate & learn from Jesus Christ: Luke 14:26-27 - You are also to learn to imitate qualities in others that are Christlike: 1 Corinthians 11:1 - Be careful that you are not drawn away by people who desire people to become disciples after them, speaking perverse/strange things: Acts 20:28-32 3. Serv

Focus Areas For Spiritual Growth And Maturity

In this teaching at  Tehillah Generation Chapel  on Fathers' Day 2022 , I was honoured to speak before the congregation on the topic of Focus Areas for Spiritual Maturity Growth & Maturity in Christ. 1. Little Children (Teknion) Should Focus on the ff: Walking in Obedience 1 John 2:1ffBelieve that you can overcome sin & guilt… 1 John 2:1 Knowledge & Revelation of Jesus by keeping His commandments. 1 John 2:3-4 The Perfection of the love of God through keeping His Word. 1 John 2:5 Walking as the Lord by abiding in Him. 1 John 2:6 Continue by abiding, which will give you confidence. V.28 Continue in the knowledge that He is righteous & so you must be righteous in that shared nature with Him. V.29 2. Little Children (Paidion) should focus on the ff: Avoiding Deception 1 John 2:18-27Knowledge of the Times, that many deceivers are out there to sway you from the truth A reminder of that you have an Unction & the knowledge of the truth Do not listen to any message

From Childhood to Sonship (A Roadmap for Perfection, Maturity & Inheritance Access)

  NB: Apologies for lack of clarity in Sound in early part of video, it gets better In this exposition at  Tehillah Generation Chapel , we discuss a roadmap to Spiritual Growth & Maturity and how it affects how we will be able to access our inheritance in Christ.  We discuss Growth Markers such as Thought patterns, Ability to Comprehend & Speech in the life of the believer as Paul said "when I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child and understood as a child but when I became a man, I put away childish things" Key illustrations include Jesus' teaching of the Prodigal Son, who was thought to squander his inheritance because of childishness ( called neoteros: recently born ) and a refusal of submission to the authority and supervision his Father. His repentant return is met with a full restoration through celebration and a welcome love reunion with his Father. On the other hand, the elder son couldn't enjoy his inheritance because he operated a