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Welcome to my personal webspace. I am Fitzgerald Nii Aboe, a Jesus lover, Pastor, itinerant Bible Teacher, young ambitious Finance & Consulting professional, lifelong learner and writer.

Currently, I am a team member with the Treaties & International Agreements Unit of the International Tax Department of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

In the recent couple of years, I have the privilege of serving with a reputable consulting firm, Noel Tagoe & Company, that has served commercial banks, insurance companies, professional educational institutions at the highest levels of management with delivered value and excellence in Financial Advisory, Strategy & Insightful Research. 

I also avidly write for a blog I founded, Uncovered, with the aim to inspire others through vulnerable and inspirational writing based on time-tested Christian principles in a creative and relevant manner.

I proudly serve as a Pastor with Tehillah Generation Chapel as the Administrative Manager & Director of Teaching, Research & Validation.

In my spare time, I hobby hustle at Ergon Sound as the Business & Technical Consultant. Over there we provide all sorts of Live Audio & Video Production Support to our cherished clients.

I am an ardent lover of music, with Gospel Music & Jazz being my favourite Genres. I play the piano and enjoy the art of it. I have had the honour of playing along many Great Musicians. As an associate and member of Joyful Way Inc, I have had the privilege of ministering in music across several High Schools in Ghana.

I am intrigued by the recent happenings of disruptive innovations in the finance payments (banking & mobile platforms) sector, a theme I wrote about in my MBA Dissertation at Coventry University, with the view that banking and finance as we have known prior is morphing into a fully digital and highly non-structural industry.

I will do well to also say that I cherished my time spent at Akrofi-Christaller Institute, a post-graduate theological institute where I studied a Master of Arts Theology in Biblical Studies. Their focus on African Christian Theology is such a relevant enabler for those who want to become Christian missionaries in the African context.

As an Old Boy of The School, Mfantsipim, I'll admit that I let the school pass through me. If you know, you know.

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