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Seen & Heard (A Poetic Expression)

  It is said that humans have a deep desire to be seen & heard Paradoxically, we cover up our nakedness after we became dead So, is vulnerability a weakness or a strength? Because I struggle to live its full length I feel that my experience of betrayal makes it hard to trust  That when I open up to you, your sword will not thrust No matter how trivial, it is a great responsibility to see another bare Because, you never know when you are the last one to really care So, true love does not keep a record of wrong, it covers a multitude of sin God is the only one who truly has the ability to put its memory in a nonrecycle bin To truly love another, we must become like the One who personifies it Until then, we risk the insincerity of selfish love shred another to bits Knoweth the difference between the Pharisees & the few who came to Jesus? Some determined to be sincere about their religious excess Others were skeletons in a closet, Jesus called them whitewashed tombs I'm not sur