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5 Dimensions of Our Walk with Christ

1. Believer
- The incidence of faith in Christ Jesus, when you've just received eternal Life: John 3:15-16, Romans 10:8-11
- Abraham’s faith was counted as righteousness to him: Genesis 15:6
- Every man is given a measure of faith: Romans 12:3
- To grow in faith & righteousness, you must learn to hear the word & apply it.
- The biggest hindrances to faith are Unbelief, doubt & fear: Both can be cured by:
- Prayer: Matthew 17:14-21
- Walking in perfect/Complete sincere love: 1 John 2:5; 4:12, 17, 18
- Standing strong & Persevering in the Word & Faith through Meditation

2. Disciple
- The moment you let go of yourself & excuses so you can imitate & learn from Jesus Christ: Luke 14:26-27
- You are also to learn to imitate qualities in others that are Christlike: 1 Corinthians 11:1
- Be careful that you are not drawn away by people who desire people to become disciples after them, speaking perverse/strange things: Acts 20:28-32

3. Servant
- Jesus' words become your command, you become an executor: Numbers 12:7; John 15:15
- We are servants of Jesus: Romans 1:1
- We are also called to serve one another: Galatians 5:13
- To be Great in the Kingdom of Heaven, you must become a servant: Matthew 23:1-12(11)

4. Friend
- The Lord begins to reveal things to you, through visitations & calls for conversations in intercession without ambiguity: (Message Trans) John 15:14-15; James 2:23; Genesis 18:17; Exodus 33:11
- Lust; Evil desire is the root of enmity against God: James 4:1-4

5. Son
- The Father declares you as His representation on earth as a revelation of Himself, a walking expression of His command/will, a complete imitation of Himself, & identity: Matthew 3:17; 17:5
- Creation awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God: Romans 8:18-29